Using SMS Service for Customer Service and Retention Techniques

SMS service has grown to be more than just a personal means of communication in the recent years. It’s now also a proven tool to boost many aspects of businesses in various industries. Customer service is one good example. With proper design and execution, text messages provide better ways of doing after-sales service, loyalty programs, and keeping track of your customers. Here are some of the ways you can maximize relationships with customers by using SMS.

Know more information about your customers – One of the basic principles you need to remember in customer service is that knowing more about your customers helps make your business grow more. You need to get information about customers, especially their expectations, preferences, needs, and wants. You can use text messaging by sending out short, interesting questions in the form of a fun contest or a professional research.

Determine how to satisfy your customers more – You need to accept that not all customers are the same. “One size fits all” won’t make your customers feel that they get value for their money and won’t make you rise from the rest. And with today’s rapid spread of knowledge about different products, other customers’ feedback, and other relevant information through the Internet, existing and potential customers are more demanding. Again, through a simple research questionnaire or an attractive campaign via SMS service, you can ask a question or two about how you can satisfy your customers further.

Send “customized” invitations and promotions – If you’re able to gather information about your customers, you’ll be able to create SMS announcements and even SMS-based promotions that will seem to speak personally to your customers. For example, you can send through SMS an announcement of a special sale on children’s merchandise to all your customers who have kids.

Keep communicating with your customers regularly – Consistency is key. Keep in touch with your customers in a set time period. Schedule text messages to remind them you’re keeping your relationship with them. For instance, send a text message per month. It may be about a new product, a reminder about a service that they might need, etc. This is why you do need to get accurate and current information about your customers, as mentioned above. From the information you gathered, you’ll know their interests and preferences.

You definitely need to let each customer know that you want to know him as an individual and not just a buyer. SMS service is one of the most powerful tools you have today to help you build strong relationships with your customers. Take the suggestions above and keep that goal of having a lasting commitment between you and your customers.